Асистент Проучване и Развитие

FICOSOTA търси специалист за своя разрастващ се отдел Проучване и Развитие.Лабораторните асистенти използват своите знания и умения, за да подпомагат специалистите в отдел Проучване и Развитие в разработването на нови успешни продукти. След проектирането и конструирането на даден продукт работата на лаборанта е да тества продуктите, да съпоставя данните и да записва всички резултати, за …

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For a client – a German-owned production company – HRme Ltd., a recruitment agency is searching for a R&D Engineer. Responsibilities Working on the development of new production technologies. Working on the optimization of the existing production processes and technologies. Supporting the Sales team in meeting the (technical) requirements of the clients. Exploring potential market opportunities. Searching …

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R&D Chemist

Technophos JSCo is a Bulgarian company, part of the Belgium Group Prayon. The company team plays an important role in Prayon Research & Development activity, where the professionals are helping with the development, validation and marketing of Prayon innovative technologies in the phosphate world.Technophos’ demonstration pilot plant, build in Devnya, provides an industrial laboratory for …

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