R&D Specialist

FICOSOTA is looking for a specialist with finished higher professional education in Chemistry. At least 3 years work experience in R&D department will be an advantage. Good control of English and fluent Bulgarian.

Location: Sofia

1. This is a position in our growing Research and Development Department at Hygiene Disposable and Tissue Products business unit.
2. This is a full time position, 40 hours per week. Based in Bellissimo Business Centre, Sofia.
3. We expect work to be carried out in a professional manner. Attention to details is essential and drive to perform tasks properly and thoroughly is essential. Adherence to our guidelines is required.
4. We expect you to work with others as part of a team. We expect you to travel internationally when required.

Personal Attributes
FICOSOTA is a global, fast-paced, highly collaborative environment that demands strong leadership, communication and collaborative skills to successfully deliver business results.
The role is open to people who have the following attributes:
• Attention to details, pride in work, desire to finish and complete things properly
• Enthusiastic, keen
• Good understanding in physics and how things work
• Interest in product technology
• Practical and resourceful

Duties and Associated Skills
This list doesn’t encompass all the tasks that are required and other tasks will be assigned when required:
1. Plan and execute qualification of the materials for our products and approval of material suppliers;
2. Plan and execute technical tests and trials, including written protocols and reports;
3. Define and solve technical problems, including documentation finding in technical reports;
4. Develop and deliver product materials, and updated related technical standards;
5. Excellent math skills are absolutely necessary to explore important concepts in the product development and formulate AHP and Tissue products;
6. Publish and present findings in the research;
7. Successfully deliver business results.

At FICOSOTA there are job opportunities for people with a passion for innovation, a desire to make a difference and an aptitude for creativity.
If you want to know more how FICOSOTA's products are lovingly made and the stories behind our brands PUFIES, EVERBEL, MILDE and EMEKA don’t miss the chance to join our R&D team.

R&D Department
R&D is responsible for essential product innovation and development. In a constantly changing and innovative market, the R&D department ensures product development in a very short time-to-market period. Important innovations for customers take place in the field of eco-awareness, cost efficiency and superior functioning of the products. Moreover the R&D department is responsible for creative problem solving, up-scaling of production and competitive research.

If interested, apply via Jobs.bg: https://www.jobs.bg/job/4186237