R&D Laboratory Assistant

FICOSOTA is looking for a specialist with finished higher professional education in Chemistry. Good control of English. Fluent Bulgarian

This is a position in our growing Research and Development Department at Hygiene Disposable and Tissue Products business unit.
This is a full time position, located in Sofia, on daily shifts.

R&D Lab Assistants are engineering technicians who use their knowledge to assist R&D Specialists and Lab Technicians to design and create new products that will be marketed and sold.
After helping with the design and construction of a product, it is then the R&D Lab Technician's job to test and conduct experiments on the product, collate the data and record all the results to see if the product is operational.

Work ethics
We expect work to be carried out in a professional manner. Attention to details is essential and drive to perform tasks properly and thoroughly is essential. Adherence to our guidelines is required.

We expect you to work with others as part of a team.

Personal Attributes
The role is open to people who have the following attributes:
• Attention to details, pride in work, desire to finish and complete things properly
• Enthusiastic, keen
• Good understanding in physics and how things work
• Practical and resourceful

Main duties and responsibilities

• Testing of products at the R&D stage.
• Data acquisition, record keeping, filing and organization of related materials, electronic or otherwise.
• Knowledge of and adherence to all requirements of the company quality system.
• Maintain chemical storage including lab environment, in accordance with safety guidelines.
• Evaluation of alternative raw materials in regards to quality.
• Maintain work station, R&D equipment and all areas utilized by lab, along with other relevant individuals.
• Understand the scope of projects and expectations.

If interested, apply via Jobs.bg - https://www.jobs.bg/job/4676278