Postdoctoral Researcher at DKFZ (German Cancer Research Centre)

We are seeking a postdoctoral researcher to join the Division of Redox Regulation at DKFZ, offering a highly interactive and collaborative scientific environment. We are an English speaking, international laboratory. We study the role of metabolically derived oxidants as messengers in signal transduction and the principles of protein redox regulation and stress adaptation in normal and tumor cells. We employ a broad range of techniques, ranging from live-cell imaging and genome engineering to proteomics and biochemistry. For more information please see our web page:

The position is part of an ERC-funded project that aims to systematically uncover, dissect, monitor and manipulate protein redox interactions that give specificity and efficiency to redox signaling. A combination of genetic screening, redox proteomics and transcription profiling will be employed to unravel the organization of redox signaling pathways, their target proteins und their functional impact on gene regulation. The project is expected to yield fundamental insights into the specific molecular links by which reactive oxygen, nitrogen and sulfur species couple changes in metabolism to cellular and organismal adaptations regulating resilience and health span.

Offer Requirements

- Biological sciences: PhD or equivalent
- Chemistry: PhD or equivalent
- Pharmacological sciences: PhD or equivalent

- ENGLISH: Excellent

- A PhD in biology/life sciences or biochemistry/chemistry, advanced knowledge of molecular biology, cell biology and/or biochemistry, and substantial laboratory experience are required.

The applicant should be highly self-motivated and be able to pursue research projects independently as well as in collaborations. An excellent written and oral command of English is essential.

Specific Requirements
Please submit your application in a single PDF file with CV, a letter stating research and career interests, transcripts of university certificates, expected availability date, and 2-3 letters of reference. Please send your application to

For more information, visit: