Post-doctoral research position at the Physics Department of Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

A post-doctoral position is available at the Physics Department of UAB (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona) through a Consolidator Grant 2014 Project entitled “Merging nanoporous materials with energy-efficient spintronics” (SPIN-PORICS) from the European Research Council (ERC), led by Prof. J. Sort. The duration of the appointment is approximately 20 months (until end-August 2020) and the gross salary is 34.000 euros per year.

Academic Background: Physicist, Chemist, Electronic Engineer or Materials Engineer. Fluent English mandatory.

Requirements: PhD Degree completed; Some previous experience in either the fields of nanoporous materials (synthesis methods) or spintronics.

The Project aims to integrate engineered nanoporous materials into novel energy-efficient spintronic applications. Magnetic storage and magneto-electronic devices are conventionally controlled by means of magnetic fields (via electromagnetic induction) or using spin-polarized electric currents (spin-transfer torque). Both principles involve significant energy loss by heat dissipation (Joule effect). This Project tackles the development of a new type of nanocomposite material, comprising an electrically conducting or semiconducting nanoporous layer filled with a suitable dielectric material, where the magnetic properties of the metal/semiconductor will be largely tuned at room temperature (RT) by simply applying a voltage, via electric charge accumulation. The porous layer will consist of specific alloys or oxide diluted magnetic semiconductors, where surface magnetic properties have been recently reported to be sensitive to electric field at RT. Based on these new materials, three technological applications are envisaged: electrically-assisted magnetic recording, voltage-driven switching of magnetic random-access memories and spin field-effect transistors. The obtained results are likely to open new paradigms in the field of spintronics and could be of high economic transcendence.

Generally speaking, the research activity in our Group of Prof. Sort is focused on the design, synthesis and characterization of advanced materials with unique properties, suitable for widespread innovative engineering applications. We seek for new types of materials, whose microstructure can be precisely controlled at the nanoscale level, leading to enhanced mechanical, magnetic, optical, thermal and anti-corrosion performances. The investigated systems include nanoparticles, nanowires, lithographed micro- and nano-objects, mesoporous and nanoporous structures, electrodeposited thin films, bulk metallic glasses and bulk nanocomposite materials. For further information:

The Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) is one of the main public universities in Spain. Recently, UAB was awarded the “Campus of Excellence” for the activities related to the fields of nanoscience and nanotechnology. Indeed, in addition to educational objectives, UAB intends to establish itself as one of the research icons in Europe. Our Group has several years experience of successful recruitment, training and integration of individuals into multinational R&D teams. UAB is used to participating in collaborative R&D projects at international level and also has links to industry. UAB offers a Master on Materials Sciences and Nanotechnology with more than 30 students from several countries. For further information:

Interested applicants should send a full CV and a Letter of Interest to Prof. Jordi Sort: