Elitsa Petseva


Elitsa Petseva

Personal information

First name / Surname: Elitsa Petseva

Address (work):
Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy,
University of Sofia “St Kliment Ohridski”,
1, James Bourchier blvd.,1164 Sofia,

Telephone: (+359 2) 81 61 499 (work)
Fax: (+359 2) 962 54 38 (work)
E-mail: elitsapetseva_fmf@abv.bg

 Professional experience

University of Sofia “St. Kl. Ohridski” / Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy / Department of  Organic Chemistry
2015 – till now, Assistant Professor at Pharmacognosy
2012 – 2015, Expert in Botanical Garden of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

Main activities and responsibilities: • Conductor of laboratory sessions and seminars in “Pharmacognosy” (since 2015)


2013 – 2015, Graduated in 2015 as Master of Science form University of Sofia “St. Kl. Ohridski”
Title of Thesis: Species of family Orchidaceae (Orchids), distributed in South and Southeast Asia, in the collection of the Botanical Garden of BAS-development and phenology. Supervisor: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Antoaneta Petrova, PhD
Principal subjects/occupational skills covered: Training in the field of biodiversity and resources of medicinal plants and their use in folk and modern medicine; medicinal plants and they receive vegetable substances-receiving, analysis and application; biologically active substances, biogenesis, location, characteristics and therapeutic effect; technological aspects of introduction and cultivation of medicinal plants; taxonomic and floristic richness of vascular plants; variability, phylogeny, evolution and speciation; biodiversity; phytogeographic distribution; stock structure and origin of Bulgarian higher flora and vegetation; preservation and protection of genfonda of rare and endangered species; main types of in vitro cultures, honey plants, ethnobotany, botanical collections, methods for assessing the environmental impact.

2008-2013, in 2013 as Bachelor of Science from University of Forestry
Title of Thesis: Study of local beans specimens of species common beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) and multicolored beans (Phaeseolus coccineus L.). Supervisor: Head Assistant Professor Milena Yordanova, PhD
Principal subjects/occupational skills covered: Training in botany, physiology and biochemistry of plants, microbiology, genetics; essential oils and medicinal plants; introduction to methods for analyzing chemical compounds in plants in the field of analytical and organic chemistry, agrochemistry; Study of economically important diseases and pests on crops and the application of chemical and biological control.

 Personal skills and competences

Organisational skills and competences: Organizer workflow in breeding, raising and maintenance of living plant collections in greenhouses • Supervisor of undergraduate students

Computer skills and competencesCompetent with: Win XP/7 • Microsoft Office tools (Word, Excel and PowerPoint) •Working with professional equipment in macroscopic and microscopic examination of herbal substances • Biochemical analysis