Chemistry High School Teacher

The American English Academy (AEA) is a day private coeducational international school which offers a full U.S. standards-based educational program from pre-kindergarten (age 3) through Grade 12. Established more than 25 years ago, we take pride in our history, traditions and our multicultural environment with students from over 30 nationalities and highly-qualified and professional local and international teaching staff.

Location: Sofia

AEA Teacher mission:

AEA teachers are expected to help students develop knowledge and thrive to achieve their full potential while learning in a positive and caring dual language international community.

Main responsibilities

1. Teachers design the teaching activities and differentiates instruction, taking into consideration the age and the individual abilities every student.
2. Teachers plan and manage the teaching activities using effective educational practices and utilizing technology. They create and maintain a stimulating and supportive educational environment in the classroom, promoting students’ development and relationships building as well as collaboration and constructive communication.
3. Teachers promote students’ achievement and conduct testing and assessments, using data to evaluate the progress of all students and their level of achievement.
4. Teachers collaborate with all specialists and resource teachers to support students’ individual achievement.
5. Teachers oversee students’ academic both achievement and social emotional wellbeing and promptly inform the homeroom teacher about absences and concerning behavior in order to address all matters efficiently.
6. Teachers are responsible for the safety and the health of their students both during school regular hours, and during any other related activities and events organized by the school.
7. Teachers select and implement applicable teaching strategies making learning accessible to all students.

Required Skills for the Position

I. Academic Competence

1. Fluency in English language.
2. At least three years of experience in the related field/grade.
3. Bachelor or Master Degree in education in the related field.
4. Familiarity with the American Common Core standards and/or the Bulgarian National curriculum.
5. Proficiency in the subject matter and progressive teaching approach; integration of technology; cognizant of students cognitive, physiological, and social and emotional development.
6. Aptitude for on-going self-development; aspiration to contribute to program and school development.

II. Pedagogical Competence

1. Thorough planning; regular monitoring of students achievement toward the school’s standards.
2. Organization and management of the Educational Process: differentiated instruction; technology integration; students’ support; social emotional learning.
3. Evaluation of Students’ Progress: formal and informal testing; effective communication with parents; development of students’ accountability.
4. Class management: empowering students; encouraging autonomy and engagement; developing creativity, critical thinking and problem solving through collaboration and leadership.

III. Communication Skills: ability to work as a team player with the faculty and administration; contribute to school wide events; ability to work effectively with Parents.

IV. Administrative responsibilities: as required for the management of the class and curriculum and in agreement with the school operating policies and procedures.

V. Social Competences: building constructive relationships with all constituencies of the school community.

VI. Professional Conduct: promoting a positive school image; confidentiality; integrity; dedication to professional duties.

VII. Other Responsibilities: flexibility; adaptability; spontaneous and enthusiastic involvement with the program.

What we offer

- Excellent opportunity for personal and professional development
- Multicultural and bilingual work environment
- Attractive remuneration package
- Access to state-of-the-art educational facilities
- Arranged transportation

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